Born & Raised in Southern Oklahoma, Adara Kay found her grit and rock energy the first time she stepped on stage in 2018. Since then,  she has perfected a high energy performance that watchers will remember down the road. She's been able to not only share the stage with other independent artists, but she's also been able to introduce new songwriters from other states into the Oklahoma music scene. 

Influenced by Country & Rock artists like Koe Wetzel, Giovannie & The Hired Guns, The Wight Lighters, Larkin Poe, Dorothy, and more, Adara Kay was inspired to put her spin on the genres to create a sense of freedom, carefree, and badass affirmations for all to appreciate. 

Adara Kay has 16 original songs out on all streaming platforms that offer different sounds to different audiences. Her first EP, "Why Not," (2020), has more country elements, while her last one, "Who I Am," (2021), showcases a heavier sound with a splash of steel slides. You can hear the growth of artistry in her newest releases, "Daddy Daughter Dance," "Parking Lots," "Don't Have a Prayer," and "I Know I Did," 

She has a lot more to offer for 2023 and hope you join her for her journey!

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